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Fort d’une expérience de plusieurs années dans le domaine de l’immobilier, Immo 23 propose toute son expertise et sa compétence dans la vente, l’achat et la location de maisons, appartements, terrains, commerces et bureaux dans le centre, l’ouest et le sud de la île.
Immo 23 looks after everything, from A to Z, from the expertise through the promotion of your properties, the visits to the final signature at the notary and with a feeling of trust and tranquility!
Check out our online offers. The house, the plot of land or the apartment of your dreams is waiting for you!

Immo 23 is committed to give you advice as per your specific situation and acquire the house or the apartment of your choice. We thus propose a well-conducted transaction. The listening and the human skills are the keys of the success of your real estate project. Tell us about your expectations and we will strive to answer to your needs.

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